Astrid Busch: „Wellen
© Astrid Busch

Astrid Busch: „Wellen"

Billboard // Wasserwand

In Astrid Busch’s artistic work she deals with places and their experience. She examines architectural designs for their sensual perceptibility and their effect on people. The aesthetic experiences that arise through the interaction of all the senses flow into the works. She overwrites historical images and found objects collected on site with her own photographic works. In this way, the atmosphere created by the traces of use and thus the history of the materials is interwoven with current images and projections. The material is condensed into spatial image arrangements, from which photographs are finally created under complex lighting conditions, which are translated into space on various image carriers. Layers of material become visible and are further developed as objects by combining different media and working processes.

Curated by Uwe Jonas

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