Petra Spielhagen: Orange-Glowing
© Petra Spielhagen

Petra Spielhagen: Orange-Glowing

Billboard // Wasserwand

Petra Spielhagen is interested in images of everyday situations in public space and in the landscape. In particular, she is fascinated by how stages and backdrops for a possible event are created in our increasingly staged reality. She creates interventions and photo series. Similar to a location scout, she finds places for her subjects. She takes photographs at a time of day when they are not noticed in everyday life, or isolates an element and places it in another location as a painted backdrop. In this way, images from another space or time enter the here and now. For presentation, she uses formats and displays with which images are communicated in everyday contexts, such as in advertising. Characteristic of her artistic practice is the associative approach with references to places and historical events. In participatory actions, passers-by are involved. They get a photo of themselves in front of a backdrop or exchange a story for a photo of a place.

Curated by Uwe Jonas

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