Gezeichnete Unterwasserwelt.
© Matthias Beckmann

Matthias Beckmann: „Aquarium“

Water determines the new art location at the Wildenbruchbrück and everything that lives in it also belongs to the water. With a web of fine lines in his pencil drawings, Matthias Beckmann manages to delve deep into the still mysterious underwater world. On the large-format drawing the artist documents his observations made at Aquarium Berlin. As an outsider, he depicts everything with equal value in his black and white drawing and does not show any differences of significance between the depicted objects. When drawing directly in front of the subjects, the algae and plants are drawn with the same dedication as the fish. We look at them, they look back. The immersive drawing pulls visitors into the underwater world. The awareness of the very own world under water is stimulated, which is hidden not only in the aquarium, but also directly at the Wildenbruchbrücke.

January 29 – May 24, 2022

Curated by Uwe Jonas

Participating artists

Matthias Beckmann mit einem Kollegen vor seinem Werk.