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    A fictional exhibition, with traces of an imaginary underground space, while at the same the illusion of a running club is deconstructed and simulated.

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    Of Urinals and Ornaments

    The Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch bears a tipping point. Originally serving as a public bathroom, it has now been converted into a public space for art, with the urinals being repurposed as ornamental pieces. The shift in the space’s significance prompts questions about its past and present meaning.

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  • Image for Unter der Brücke = Auf der Schwelle


    Unter der Brücke = Auf der Schwelle

    Festival im Rahmen von DRAUSSENSTADT

    From August 19 to 21 a festival around Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch takes place as part of DRAUSSENSTADT.

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  • Image for Swamp of Wonders


    Swamp of Wonders

    Partly poetic, partly serious and sometimes caricaturistic and humorous , the artists of the exhibition explore our reality and current dystopian visions of the future, as well as the possibilities of protest and escape from them.

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  • Image for Aliens are temporary


    Aliens are temporary

    A mutating tale

    Aliens are temporary – a mutating tale is an invitation to think about plural worlds and multiple states of being. It acts as an attempt to break with the logic of human exceptionalism and to overcome binary paradigms between living beings and objects, between the “us” and the “other”.

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    Über Wasser

    Festival in the framework of DRAUSSENSTADT

    For the “Über Wasser” (About/Over Water) festival artists were invited to submit proposals for activities in the fields of visual arts, theatre, literature, dance, and music.

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  • View of the work of Caterina Gobbi, My eyes are wild, my lips tight pressed


    Fluid Realities

    The new municipal gallery in Neukölln starts with an exhibition on the subject of water.

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