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  • Image for Berit Myrebøe:


    Berit Myrebøe: "The long way"

    Billboard // Wasserwand

    Berit Myrebøe’s poster can be seen around the clock on the water wall at the dock of Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch.

    • Berit Myrebøe
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  • Image for Astrid Busch: „Wellen


    Astrid Busch: „Wellen"

    Billboard // Wasserwand

    In Astrid Busch’s artistic work she deals with places and their experience. She examines architectural designs for their sensual perceptibility and their effect on people.

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  • Image for Petra Spielhagen: Orange-Glowing


    Petra Spielhagen: Orange-Glowing

    Billboard // Wasserwand

    Petra Spielhagen is interested in images of everyday situations in public space and in the landscape. In particular, she is fascinated by how stages and backdrops for a possible event are created in our increasingly staged reality.

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