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  • Image for Of Urinals and Ornaments


    Of Urinals and Ornaments

    The Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch bears a tipping point. Originally serving as a public bathroom, it has now been converted into a public space for art, with the urinals being repurposed as ornamental pieces. The shift in the space’s significance prompts questions about its past and present meaning.

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  • Glittering water surface with mountains in background


    Petra Spielhagen: Neptune’s...01

    Billboard // Wasserwand

    Petra Spielhagen is interested in images of everyday situations in public space and in the landscape. In particular, she is fascinated by how stages and backdrops for a possible event are created in our increasingly staged reality.

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  • Image for Club



    The artists of the exhibition deal with the socio-cultural cosmos of urban club culture. The result is a club as fiction and an exhibition, showing traces of an earlier club life, while at the same time deconstructing and simulating an atmosphere of an ongoing club activity.

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  • Image for Astrid Busch: Northern Light


    Astrid Busch: Northern Light

    Billboard // Wasserwand

    Simultaneously frightened and fascinated by reports of tsunamis and monster waves, Astrid Busch researched the Internet for images of these phenomena.

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  • Image for Berit Myrebøe:


    Berit Myrebøe: "The long way"

    Billboard // Wasserwand

    Berit Myrebøe’s poster can be seen around the clock on the water wall at the dock of Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch.

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  • Image for Swamp of Wonders


    Swamp of Wonders

    Partly poetic, partly serious and sometimes caricaturistic and humorous , the artists of the exhibition explore our reality and current dystopian visions of the future, as well as the possibilities of protest and escape from them.

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  • Image for Aliens are temporary


    Aliens are temporary

    A mutating tale

    Aliens are temporary – a mutating tale is an invitation to think about plural worlds and multiple states of being. It acts as an attempt to break with the logic of human exceptionalism and to overcome binary paradigms between living beings and objects, between the “us” and the “other”.

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  • Drawn underwater world.


    Matthias Beckmann: “Aquarium”

    Plakatwand // Fluide Realitäten – Von Rauschen, Blitzen und Untergang

    Water determines the new art location at the Wildenbruchbrück and everything that lives in it also belongs to the water. With a web of fine lines in his pencil drawings, Matthias Beckmann manages to delve deep into the still mysterious underwater world.

    The poster is on display until the end of May.

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