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  • The photo shows the sea at night in the background, rocks can be seen on the right and a sandy beach in the foreground with a neon-green beam of light running across it


    Annika Hippler "untitled (light intervention, Goa)"

    untitled (light intervention, Goa)

    In a series of ephemeral light interventions that Annika Hippler realized during an artist-in-residence fellowship in India, light and water combine in an open landscape: the rushing waves of the ocean atomize on the rocks and dissolve the green laser beam into countless particles of light.

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  • Image for Holger Biermann: Piraten, Berlin 2008


    Holger Biermann: Piraten, Berlin 2008

    In July 2008 I was invited with my camera to join the wreck of the “Dr. Ingrid Wrengler”, which had been in the Spree for years…

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  • Image for Thomas Bruns: Maria am Ostbahnhof


    Thomas Bruns: Maria am Ostbahnhof

    Former postal newspaper distribution office of the GDR 1965-2001, from the work “Verlusterfahrung Moderne”

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  • ein nackter Mann läuft über ein Feld und hat einen langen Stab an seinen Körper gebunden


    Timm Ulrichs: Den Blitz auf sich lenkend (Menschlicher Blitzableiter)

    As early as 1963, Timm Ulrichs included lightning in his “Total Art List” and from then on he continued to explore it. In 1972 he builds a lightning rod, in 1977 he straps one around his chest and runs naked across a field during a thunderstorm.

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  • Image for Petra Spielhagen: Neptune’s...01


    Petra Spielhagen: Neptune’s...01

    Petra Spielhagen is interested in images of everyday situations in public space and in the landscape. In particular, she is fascinated by how stages and backdrops for a possible event are created in our increasingly staged reality.

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  • Image for Astrid Busch: Northern Light


    Astrid Busch: Northern Light

    Simultaneously frightened and fascinated by reports of tsunamis and monster waves, Astrid Busch researched the Internet for images of these phenomena.

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  • Image for Berit Myrebøe: The long way


    Berit Myrebøe: The long way

    Berit Myrebøe’s poster can be seen around the clock on the water wall at the dock of Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch.

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  • Gezeichnete Unterwasserwelt.


    Matthias Beckmann: „Aquarium“

    Water determines the new art location at the Wildenbruchbrück and everything that lives in it also belongs to the water. With a web of fine lines in his pencil drawings, Matthias Beckmann manages to delve deep into the still mysterious underwater world.

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  • Zwei Schiffe liegen an


    Karen Koltermann: „Allegory I“

    The Berlin-based artist Karen Koltermann shows the large-format photograph of an intimidating-looking shipwreck at the Neuköllner Schiffahrtskanal.

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