KGB Sounds

Artist bands on tour through berlin

The end of KGB Art Week is celebrated with a concert tour through different districts of Berlin. Three unforgettable, breath-taking artist bands and an intergalactic duo go on the road to perform three open-air concerts at different venues. The performers are as at home in the world of music as they are in the visual arts. From 10.30 am to 9.45 pm we’re turning up the volume to let art be heard! From 19:15 the concert will take place at Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch.

The Berlin combo getHIGHfiona (Biljana Pais and Guido Hieronymus) moves on an experimental plane that swings back and forth absorbing jazz, afro, and Balkan influences. New worlds of sound emerge with each piece, electronic, instrumental, and a lot of singing.

Berlin band Kuhratohr is part of a movement that eludes modern patterns of appropriation and, wholly in the spirit of concert pep, makes reference to the uniqueness of here and now. They offer the audience a special listening experience under the motto “Milk perks up tired people.”

The Magic Ray
Rock, pop, and noise sounds interspersed with a rhythm that gets your heart pumping — that is the mélange from which The Magic Ray is made. Vocals, strong guitar sounds, and intense drums are joined by sounds and voices from nature and the animal world. Fred Bigot is the founder of the project,
which performs with a variety of line-ups.

BUBUBUBUBUBUBU is the Earthly reunion of two BUs from outer space. They create, play, and transmit sounds that flow straight from the heart. In the same way electricity makes speakers play sound, the music emitted by BUs sets everything in motion until rhythm, sound, and energy merge in one boundless ear.

© Nihad Nino Pušija

Participating artists

BUBUBUBUBUBUBUBU Die Berliner Combo getHIGHfiona (Biljana Pais und Guido Hieronymus) Kuhratohr und Zuhörer/-schauer The Magic Ray Rockige, poppige und noisige Klänge durchsetzt von einem ins Blut gehenden Rhythmus Dj Set an der Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch Kuhratohr