Conversation and Tour

public spaces - a geographical view of inside and outside

As part of the exhibition meet me being private, we cordially invite you to a conversation on the topic of public spaces - Geographical reflections on inside and outside.
Participating in the conversation: Rosa Aue & Martine Kayser (klo:lektiv), Timm Hergert and Dr. Friederike Landau-Donnely. The moderation will be led by Teresa Mayr.

In an architectural context, tiled surfaces and walls are indications of sanitary spaces, in which they often serve as platforms for personal signs and interaction. Similar to a palimpsest, they layer moments, statements and stories. If we interpret these messages — regardless of their content — as an act of subversive inscription in architecture and the environment, we can identify an interest in civil society influence and visibility. In a similar way, Stephanie Zurstegge‘s imitation of a tiled surface in the exhibition meet me being privare Fliesenspiegel invites us to pursue the desire for visibility — even if only temporarily. On the basis of this, a discussion with experts from fields of architectural and urban geography on July 25, 2024 will take up what is the usual impression of many toilets: phrases, signs and names are layered on the walls. The contextual framework here is formed by considerations on the political dimension of public sanitary facilities.

The talk will be held in German.

Afterwards, we invite you to join us for a tour through the exhibition at around 8 pm.

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