Under the Bridge = On the threshold

The starting point for the festival is the location itself: the gallery, located under the Wildenbruch Bridge, has always been at the same time a threshold space, a place of “in-between”.

Programme overview
FRIDAY, August 19, 2022

5 pm

5:30 - 7:00 pm
Adrián Dozetas, Karlotta Frank, Aron Hollinger:
Written Portraits

Improvised live music meets improvised contemporary dance meets improvised poetry. Get your portrait done a poem.

7 - 7:30 pm
Laure Catugier and Aleksander Słota: C O S M O S # 2.

At the threshold between horizontality and verticality, air and water, proximity and distance, this sound sculpture at Kunstbrücke reflects the activity of the city through a mirror effect.

8 - 9:30 pm

A hybrid performance that finds expression in music, dance, poetry and a meditation.

— Installations for the entire duration of the festival —

Elli Ott: ij
A water sculpture that creates a poetic play between sameness and difference on the subtle levels of movement and animation, permeability, delimitation and reflection.

Marcelina Wellmer: Porous
In “Porous” the city merges with nature and remnants of technology. The installation tells of the ambivalent and tensed relationship between man, city and nature.

Berni Puig: Pintura Interior
During the festival, the artist creates a mural in which he uses simple geometric shapes to externalize the peculiarity and history of the building.

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