Watercolor painting on wood with augmented reality
© kennedy+swan

Mixed Signals

How can something as technical as Artificial Intelligence – often associated with our alienation from Nature – help us listen to and communicate with non-human beings? Upon closer examination, most animals and even plants have their own unique forms of communication – languages that we’re only beginning to decode with modern technology. Yet, the real question remains: Is humanity prepared to embrace the profound insights offered by Nature’s own sonic dialogues?

kennedy+swan created a series of watercolors that can be scanned using their mobile app, merging the tactile with the digital. Each image is augmented with an interactive virtual scene, expanding the narrative of the paintings. The 3D elements, largely handcrafted in the form of miniatures, sculptures, and drawings, are then digitized to complete the augmented reality overlay.

„Mixed Signals” is an augmented reality experience by kennedy+swan. commissioned by „Ether’s Bloom: A Programme on Artificial Intelligence” at the Gropius Bau.

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