The photo shows the sea at night in the background, rocks can be seen on the right and a sandy beach in the foreground with a neon-green beam of light running across it
© Annika Hippler

Annika Hippler "untitled (light intervention, Goa)"

untitled (light intervention, Goa)

The ancient Greek mathematician and natural philosopher Thales of Miletus once described water as Archē, the primordial ground of the world. With the principle of propagation in waves, light and water are similar: both transport energy and follow similar laws in many respects.
However, light can actually have both particle and wave properties.In a series of ephemeral light interventions that Annika Hippler realized during an artist-in-residence fellowship in India, both elements combine in an open landscape:
The approaching waves of the ocean atomize on the rocks and dissolve the green laser beam into countless particles of light.

Curated by Uwe Jonas

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