ein nackter Mann läuft über ein Feld und hat einen langen Stab an seinen Körper gebunden
© Timm Ulrichs

Timm Ulrichs: Den Blitz auf sich lenkend (Menschlicher Blitzableiter)

As early as 1963, Timm Ulrichs included lightning in his “Total Art List” and from then on he continued to explore it. In 1972 he builds a lightning rod, in 1977 he straps one around his chest and runs naked across a field during a thunderstorm.

“Ulrichs has created a diverse and original body of work over the past 50 years that is only partially defined by the term conceptual art. His artistic practice includes photography, sculpture, text-based works, performance, interventions, art on building, video, or installation. Ulrichs invented the term total art for it: art and life are congruent for him. He thus follows a concept of the historical avant-garde that is older than himself.” (Maik Schlüter)

Curated by Uwe Jonas

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