Encounter with Another Camille

Hypnotic tour

Close your eyes and allow yourself to fall into a state of trance to meet a Camille inspired by Donna Haraway´s futuristic fiction The Camille Stories: Children of the Compost. This Camille is the hunter that takes care of the entrance to the magic world. And you let yourself be guided to that magic world.
Hypnotic tour is a format developed by Valeria Schwarz that merges feminist speculative fiction with hypnosis. In Encounter with Another Camille, visitors are invited by means of collective hypnosis to immerse themselves in this experience. Camille guides them through the depth of the jungle to a symbiotic community founded on reciprocal care and collective motherhood.

The hypnotic tour will be practiced lying on the ground outside, which is why we ask you to bring a mat with you. The hypnotic tour lasts 45 minutes and is held in English.
Due to the limited space the tour is limited to 12 participants. To participate please register until June 24, 2022 at the following email address: Beatris.Wakaresko@bezirksamt-neukoelln.de

Participants are required to be on time and remain quiet during the tour. Please understand that you cannot participate in the tour once it has already started.

Image for Encounter with Another Camille
© Valeria Schwarz
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