Resident Artist: Christoph Rothmeier

The Berlin artist Christoph Rothmeier will be the second resident artist to implement an acoustic spatial intervention in the changing display space. It is sure how it will sound before it is clear what will be played in the room installation, he takes up the theme of club sound systems, which are meticulously worked out. The composition of the individual elements – sound carriers, translation, mixers, amplifiers, loudspeakers, etc. – in the context of the location and the music genre is an important trademark of clubs.

For the exhibition, he has developed an experimental site-specific sound system Subs T Tube by having the sound/sound spread through the existing disused pipe system. His site-specific contribution is an audio fiction with “DJ Plumper” as the narrative, on the creation and functioning of sound systems.

He performs a light-and-sound set outside as ‘The Lamp’ for the opening. Live played blurs with excerpts of own productions (aka chrchr) somewhere between performed music and soundtrack to a radio play / audio experiment. “got a bulb?”

Duration: August 10 to 27, Wed–Sun, 12–6 pm

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© Christoph Rothmeier
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