© Filomeno Fusco


Club culture is an important part of the urbanity of cities; especially Berlin is internationally well known for its club culture, and its stories and the corresponding legends are important topics for touristic tours.

The artists in the exhibition all have direct and indirect connections with club culture, and their works relate to the various aspects of these places. They deal with the socio-cultural cosmos of club culture in the form of artistic works such as sound interventions, installations or live music performances.

With the composition and installation in the spaces of Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch, a narrative of an imagined club emerges. A club as fiction and an exhibition, showing traces of a former club life, while at the same time deconstructing and simulating an atmosphere of an ongoing club activity.

Every three weeks, a new resident artist appears and occupies the space musically, artistically and performatively. Visitors are invited to embark on a journey through the narrative of a unique place.

Curated by Filomeno Fusco & Marte Kiessling

Participating artists