© Filomeno Fusco & Marte Kiessling


A fictional exhibition with traces of an imaginary underground space, simultaneously deconstructing and simulating the illusion of a running nightclub. The exhibition’s narrative also serves as a metaphor for the spaces of experimentation and possibilities that are necessary for the art and culture scene in any city.

The artists featured in the exhibition all have direct or indirect connections to club culture and engage with the socio-cultural cosmos of these places. With the placement of different artistic interventions and musical performances indoors and outdoors, the narrative of an imagined club is created, in which visitors can still catch glimpses of the previous function, yet at the same time they can experience the atmosphere of an ongoing club operation. With its rough dirty concrete charm, the special exhibition location at the Wildenbruchbrücke offers the ideal qualities for a typical atmospheric underground dance temple in Berlin.

The implemented exhibition course, which is abstractly based on the structure of a club, picks up many mechanisms, peculiarities and functions of such places. An impression of gradually moving “deeper” into a club is created and visitors start on a journey through the narrative of a special place. Suspense is built up starting from the entrance, when one passes the bouncer, until the end of the visit, when one leaves the place again.

Underground culture in the form of clubs and other off-locations is an important part of the urbanity of cities, and Berlin in particular is internationally renowned for its legendary nightlife. As in many large cities, gentrification has a negative impact on the diversity and innovation that usually flourishes in such spaces. Artists are part of urban culture and also shape the club and music scene as DJs and musicians. Many of them experiment with sound and music or deal with pop and music culture in their artistic works. Clubs are also vital for the livelihood of many artists. Each of the participating artists in the exhibition has many immediate connections to the theme of the exhibition.

Seven artistic works by Stefan Alber, Matthias Droste, Janine Eggert, Filomeno Fusco, Viktor Kégli, Marte Kiessling and Alona Rodeh are an integral part of the exhibition and can be seen throughout its duration.

Every three weeks, one room will be transformed with an installation by a resident artist.
These rotating artists also contribute musical performances (DJ set, sound performance, concert and radio show) in the outdoor space during separate openings. The first of these will be the artist Frauke Boggasch, who will DJ at the opening.

Friday, July 21, 2023, 6–10 pm
Frauke Boggasch

Wednesday, August 9, 2023, 5–8 pm
Christoph Rothmeier

Wednesday, August 30, 2023, 5–8 pm
Zora Kreuzer

Wednesday, September 20, 2023, 5–8 pm
Christopher Sage

Wednesday, October 11, 2023, 5–8 pm
Jorn Ebner

A project by Filomeno Fusco & Marte Kiessling

Participating artists

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