Resident Artist: Frauke Boggasch

The first resident artist in the changing display space in the exhibition is Berlin-based artist Frauke Boggasch, who will also perform an experimental electronic set in the outdoor space.

In her installative work, she draws on her longstanding engagement with the ghost spirits of Japan. Japanese Yōkai meet the spirits of nightlife, a dark irregular bass sound evoking the reverberations in the mind after a long night of clubbing. On the ceiling of the exhibition space a large, dark oil painting is mounted, on which glimpses of shadowy creatures appear. Projected on the walls are animations that playfully explore the various modes of embodiment in the club context. The video work is a collaboriation by Boggasch x Bossman.
work that she realized with the artist Bossman.

More Info about Frauke Boggasch here.

Duration: July 21 to August 6, Wed–Sun 12–6 pm

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© Frauke Boggasch
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