Resident Artist: Zora Kreuzer

The third resident artist, Zora Kreuzer, has created a site-specific installation. A composition of colored light, plants, and fog makes the room appear as a three-dimensional painting. The floating fog, the light from the fluorescent tube, and the natural incidence of light through the window, which is covered with a colored film, intensify the feeling of a constantly changing, dystopian room setting. The garish color tones are reflected on the real plants and convey the feeling of walking through an artificial jungle. In a confined space, Zora Kreuzer creates a dense atmosphere with very few interventions. With the use of fog, which is essential for clubs, Zora Kreuzer creates a change in the overall atmosphere of the exhibition. The fog that drifts through all the rooms and outside, especially in the evening, evokes memories of the end of a club night, when you step into the cold dawn, sweaty from dancing.

For the opening musical performance on August 30, Zora Kreuzer has also invited other performers:

5–7 pm DJ Set Play Your Youth
7–7.30 pm Sound Performance Zora Kreuzer x Ashley M. (Synthesizer, Trance, Fieldrecordings)
7.30–9 pm Nifti x DJ Chichi (House, Techno, Trance)

More info about Zora Kreuzer here.

Duration: August 30 to September 17, Wed–Sun, 12–6 pm

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© Stephanie Neumann
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