Swamp of Wonders

Miraculous signs of nature, terrifying celestial phenomena, and jags of fire flying from the sky - early modern apocalyptic depictions looked very different from today’s dystopian visions of the future. But what do contemporary projections of the future look like? Do we currently need dystopian images as a mirror of reality to expose shortcomings, mobilize protest, and initiate change?

Partly poetic, partly serious and sometimes caricaturistic and humorous , the artists of the exhibition explore our reality and current dystopian visions of the future, as well as the possibilities of protest and escape from them. Hypothetical, absurd and pseudo-documentary scenarios and artworks provide insights into a possible reordering of our world. And yet, these visions of the future are never definitive. Constantly oscillating between the apocalyptic and the utopian, they provide ambiguous images of desire and horror.

Image for Swamp of Wonders
© Barnabás Sebessy
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