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Über Wasser

Festival in the framework of DRAUSSENSTADT

The “Über Wasser” (About/Over Water) festival takes place as part of a Berlin-wide “Draußenstadt” (Outdoor City) initiative focused on Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch on the newly redeveloped Weigandufer. Artists were invited to submit proposals for activities in the fields of visual arts, theatre, literature, dance, and music.

Above the gallery, a bridge connects Weigandufer with Kiehlufer across the Neukölln shipping canal. Wildenbruch Park, the banks of the canal, and the old pier next to the Kunstbrücke are inviting places to sit by the water and enjoy art.

The festival celebrates the unusual qualities of the location itself, which was a public toilet until about twenty years ago. It is now open to loud, colourful, diverse, experimental — even intoxicating — art. The project proposals make reference to the site or have been inspired by the many dimensions of the title “Über Wasser.” What could happen at this location over the water? What do we know about water? And how are we all managing to keep our heads above water right now?

The project is financed with the support of the BESD program of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

Curated by Dorothee Bienert, Yolanda Kaddu-Mulindwa, Daniela Nadwornicek

Participating artists

Hans HS Winkler, Un incidenti in gondola (gondola accident) Right background: Sophia Pompéry, new cover & in the foreground: Alina Schmuch, Interior Spaces Douglas Henderson, Waterspeaker Artwork from Phillip Sulke, 40 days 40 nights View of the Work of Caterina Gobbi, My eyes are wild, my lips tight pressed A video work of Barbara Marcel, Humo sobre Humedales Preparations for the performance of Sound Mirror Neukölln of New Opera Hero, Davis West and Gabor Hartyáni v.l.n.r. Karin Korte, City Councillor for Culture Marcus Munz, Building planer Dorothee Bienert Gallery Director Jazz concert of the band Colours at the opening of the Art Bridge Performance of Sound Mirror Neukölln from New Opera Hero, Davis West and Gabor Hartyáni Festival Flyer Über Wasser