Auf dem Boden der Galerie liegen verschiedenen Spiegel, in denen sich die Fliesen der Wand spiegeln.
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Reflect Yourself

Ulli Gabler and Dieter Ströbel transform the historic restroom facility at the Wildenbruchbrücke into a visually imaginative realm of possibilities. Employing mirrors and light tubes, they utilize a minimal selection of materials reminiscent of those found in similar locales. Delicate formations, comprised of congruent mirror fragments, manifest as bizarre alien entities, akin to fiction. The visual language evokes thoughts of a fragile parallel universe. The artists are intrigued by the intricate, fractured dialogue between subject, object, and space. A game of confusion ensues between presence and absence as observers perceive themselves within a kaleidoscope, or perhaps not.

In pursuit of a higher, universal beauty, Ulli Gabler and Dieter Ströbel are guided by found objects: collecting, archiving, and dedicating them in an ongoing process. While employing various techniques and materials, their primary focus remains on light, which they playfully explore in its multifaceted manifestations. Working in a site-specific and intuitive manner, the artistic duo allows ideas and execution to emerge on-site, by immersing themselves in the atmosphere of the space and sensitively probing the relationship between art and architecture. Ulli Gabler and Dieter Ströbel particularly favor inhabiting worn or neglected spaces imbued with their own history and poetry. The exhibition Reflect Yourself showcases the outcome of a re-coding and reinterpreting of the site.

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