Über Wasser / Friday

Festival as part of DRAUSSENSTADT

As part of the Berlin-wide initiative “DRAUSSENSTADT”, the Department of Culture organizes the festival “Über Wasser” from September 17 to 19, 2021 at Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch, around the Wildenbruchpark, on the newly designed Weigandufer. Over the course of three days, 13 artists and artist collectives will present a wide variety of actions and audiovisual performances. In addition, there will be various readings and live music.

The festival is about the bizarre place itself, where the toilet was still flushing about 20 years ago and which is now open for loud, colorful, diverse and experimental art. The actions refer to the place and are inspired by the multiple dimensions of water. What will happen at this location so close to the water, what do we know about water, and how are we all actually keeping our heads above water at the moment?

Program overview:

Friday, 17.09.2021, 5 – 9 pm
5 pm: Opening with Karin Korte, City Councillor for Culture
starting at 5 pm: Matthias Beckmann / Ingo Gerken / Helena Hernández / Janine Hönig / Gregorio Alvarez / Claudia von Funcke (actions)
5.15 pm: Aurélie Pertusot (soundperformance)
6 pm: Katrin Glanz (performance)
7 pm: Katrin Glanz (performance)
8 pm: Gregor Dys / LeOff (audiovisual performance)

Gregorio Alvarez: Un accidente a cambiado para siempre el color del sol
An optical illusion is created on the wall by the canal during the festival.

A watercolor performance with water from the Neuköllner Schifffahrtskanal.

Gregor Dys / LeOff : Im Fluss
An experimental, audiovisual performance as a sonic-visual essay on the nature of water.

Claudia von Funcke: Neukölln by the Sea
A sound collage that echoes the long-lost sound of a harbor on a great river or a fictive sea.

A pair of motorized swimslippers is anchored in the harbor basin, ready to set sail on site.

In a bizarre performative action, the new location at the Kunstbrücke is surveyed.
Performer: Gotthard Lange

Helena Hernández: Patched Joy / Geflickte Freude
A floating sculpture made of inflatable toys.

Janine Hönig: volvox sp richt – oder nicht?
A participatory sound collage questions how microorganisms sound in water.

Kammerchor Cantamus Berlin: über.wasser.unter
Carolin Strecker (Ltg.) und Christ oph Enzel (Sax) / Sound explorations between physics, fascination and destructiveness

Aurélie Pertusot: IMMERSOUND
An instant sound composition activates a “water machine” made of recycled objects.

© Nihad Nino Pušija
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