Contextural interference by Jonás de Murias

S E B E is a synthetic soundscape that mutates and transits through unidentified identities. S E B E manipulates compositional tools used in world-building and so-called world music, outlining a nature common to both that becomes fictitious, trivial and contingent at once. S E B E reveals how some aesthetics unconsciously lead to feelings of belonging, catastrophe or prejudice by mixing sound textures, transliteration of lyrics, cross-linguistic phonetic convergences and archival sound material.
S E B E focuses on languages – progressively lesser – spoken in the most discardable areas of Europe. Indiscriminately mixing diverse languages / languagings, S E B E imagines different incarnations of how the ruinous linguistic and sonic matter could trace a non-discursive definition of indigenism that is local and contextual. S E B E makes the class gaps in the apparent global becoming of our cultural habitus visible.

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© Jonás de Murias
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